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Mark Your Calendar



2017-2018 Calendar (Subject to change)

 Fall Season:

 August 1 - HYSA Training Begins

 August 7 - Footskills Training 

 August 19 - Club Potluck/Parent Meeting/Uniforms Distribution
 August 30 - Fall Academy Begins (K-3)


 September -  Games Start -

 September 4 - No Training (Labor Day Holiday)

 September 11 - Footskills Training 
 September 18 - Footskills Training 
 September 30 - Saturday Small Sided Games 


 October 2 - Footskills Training/Goalie Training; JK Fall Session Starts

 October 9 - October 13 - No Training (Fall Break)

 October 14 - Saturday Small Sided Games

 October 15 - February 11 - ILH Season (4:30 practices off campus at Kaelepulu)

 October 16 - Footskills Training/Goalie Training
 October 28 - Saturday Small Sided Games

 November 6 - Footskills Training/Goalie Training

 November 10 - No Training (Veterans' Day Holiday)

 November 11 - Saturday Small Sided Games

 November 23-24 Thanksgiving Break
 November 24 - Thanksgiving Tournament


 December 4 - Footskills Training/Goalie Training 

 December 9 - Saturday Small Sided Games

 December 11 - JK Fall Session Ends

 December 18-22 - Winter Camp

 December 18 - January 1 - No Training (Winter Break)




 January 8 - Footskills Training/Goalie Training

 January 13 - Saturday Small Sided Games

 January 15 - No Training (Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Holiday) 

 January 19 - Fall Academy ends

 January 22 - Footskills Training/Goalie Training

 January 24 - Winter/Spring Academy starts

 January 27 - Saturday Small Sided Games


 February 5 - Footskills Training/Goalie Training

 February 10 - Saturday Small Sided Games

 February 17 - 19 - Presidents' Cup Tournament

 February 19 - No Training (Presidents' Day Holiday)
 February 24 - Saturday Small Sided Games
 February 26 - Footskills Training/Goalie Training


 March 5 - Footskills Training/Goalie Training

 March 10 - Saturday Small Sided Games

 March 19 - 23 - No Training (Spring Break) 

March 19-22 - Spring Break Camp

 March 26 - Footskills Training/Goalie Training


 April 2 - Footskills Training/Goalie Training
 April 14 - Saturday Small Sided Games

 April 16 - Footskills Training/Goalie Training 

 April 28 - Saturday Small Sided Games


 May 7 - Footskills Training/Goalie Training

 May 12 - Saturday Small Sided Games

 May 21 - Footskills Training/Goalie Training
 May 26 - 28 - State Cup

 May 28 - No Training (Memorial Day Holiday)


 June 1 - Last Day of Training & Academy

 June 1-2 - Tryouts

 June 6-9 - Chelsea Camp

June 12-13 - Chelsea Advanced Camp



2017/18 Season Information

 Team training schedules can be found under overview of "Our Teams"

Le Jardin Soccer Academy Chelsea HYSA Teams participate in the appropriate age groups as part of the Oahu League, which plays its games on Saturdays and Sundays at the Waipio Soccer Complex near Pearl Harbor. There are three separate HYSA seasons in Hawaii.  The Fall “training and development” season is open to all age groups.  The Winter “competitive” season is for age groups U8 through U12.  The Spring “competitive” season is for age groups U13 to U19.  

While most LJSA Chelsea club teams will only play in 2 of the seasons, the commitment that comes with being a member of an LJSA Chelsea club team begins in mid-August, and continues to the last week of May the following year.   Even while not participating in a HYSA season, LJSA Chelsea Club Teams will continue to train on a twice or three times weekly basis, and may arrange to play scrimmages or “friendly” matches against other club teams.  

Players who do participate on their OIA or ILH school teams will be excused from this training, and a financial accommodation will be made to account for this period of ineligibility.  If your child plans to be a part of a ILH school team, please contact Stacy Kilty, prior to registering for details.


Below we have highlighted the seasons. Please note that there may be some changes to dates based on the Le Jardin School calendar and the HYSA league calendar.

Fall - Winter - Spring Season Breakdown:


LJSA Training will run from August 23 - May 27 as detailed below:


Fall Season (U8 and up Developmental Season)

Sept - Nov (Thanksgiving Tournament) - Games will begin the Sept 11 for HYSA

MISO games (U13 only begin August 27)


  • HYSA non competitive season (U8-U13)

  • MISO competitive season (U13)


U10 and below participate in Fall "training and development" season and games are included in the fee


*Older teams (U13) may play in MISO teams as decided by the coach (otherwise will play in HYSA league)


*ILH details must be worked out prior to deciding in which league the team will participate


Season Length: 12-14 weeks (league game and tournament schedule dependent)


Team training 2x per week

*Monday footskills 2x per month (with no foot skills during ILH season)


Winter Season (U8-U12 “Competitive Season”)

Dec-Feb (President’s Cup) - Games will begin the first weekend in December


HYSA "Competitive" Season

Teams U11 and under will participate in HYSA Competitive Season

U13 (those who are not participating in ILH) may participate in MISO division if this is an option provided by the league. This is an optional season and will be additional cost to cover registration fees.

Season Length: 12-13 weeks (league game and tournament schedule dependent)

Team training 2x per week

*Monday club foot skills 2x per month (with no foot skills during ILH season)


Spring Season (U8-U10 “Fun Season”, U11 and above Competitive Season)

Mar-June - Games generally begin the first weekend in March


HYSA competitive season for U11 and above


U8-U10  will participate in Saturday “pick up” play at LJA only

U11 is an optional HYSA season and will be decided by the coach (with an additional fee for members)

Season Length: 12-13 weeks (league game and tournament schedule dependent)

Team training 2x per week

*Monday club foot skills 2x per month (with no foot skills during ILH season)

  • 2 weeks off for spring break and will follow HYSA schedule for off weeks


There are summer tournaments and travel options that will be decided by the coach.


*Monday club trainings will be on the first and third Monday of the month for U9-U13 only

U7 and U8 group will participate in “mini-tournament” play on the first Monday of each month


Tournament fees are not included in Club Dues

What is the cost of the program?


U7 and U8 fees are $1,400

U9 and above are $1,500


What is included in the fees?


The fees include the HYSA annual player fee, 2 seasons of league fees (there will be additional fees should your coach choose a third season),*Training fee/club fee, a home and away adidas replica uniform jersey, game shorts and socks and a practice uniform kit.


*U7 and U8 will have one Monday per month of “mini-tournament” play

U9 and above will have club wide training on the first and third Monday of the month


2017/18 Le Jardin Soccer Academy Season Calendar and Information Sheet


HYSA Registration Fee and Season Schedule (See Note 1)


All Teams


$    1,400.00

First Payment Due

July 3, 2017

$       370.00

Payment Balance if paying installments


$    1,030.00

Payment Installment #1

September 1, 2017

$       515.00


HYSA Fall Practice Start



Start of Season Potluck (10:00-12:00)



Fall Season Games Start



LJA Intermediate Soccer (ILH) – 4:30-6:00 HYSA practices will be moved off the LJA campus during this time.          

ILH Girls & Boys Practices

Oct 19- Feb 10


*Fall Season Ends

early November


Veterans Day Holiday (no practice)

November 10, 2017


Fall Break (no practice) same as LJA



Thanksgiving Tournament

Nov - Nov


Payment Installment #2

December 1, 2017

$       515.00


Winter Season Games Start



Winter Break (no practice)



President’sDay Tournament

President's Day weekend

*Winter Season Ends

late February


Spring Season (See Note 3)



Spring Break (no practice) Same as LJA



*There will be no team practices on state and federal holidays, LJA professional development days and days of special events planned by the school requiring use of the soccer field. There will be a one week break between each season.


Note 1: Payments can be made online or by check. Payment by check should be made out to Le Jardin Soccer Academy.

Payments should be mailed to 917 Kalanianaole Hwy Kailua, HI 96734

Note 2: Participation in the Thanksgiving Tournament and The President’s Day Tournament incurs a cost of the tournament divided by the number of players. The coach will decide what tournaments are played and it is based on full player commitment.  

Note 3: U7-U10 will participate in friendly matches at LJA on Saturday’s during the Spring Season

U11 will be optional and the coaches decision. Should the coach decide to have the team play, there will be an extra cost to cover the registration fees.  Only 2 season of league play are covered in dues

U13 will play Spring as one of their two season.